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Tv installation Atlanta
TV installation Alpharetta
Tv installation Atlanta
TV installation Alpharetta
TV installation Alpharetta
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Tilt Mount              $50.00
This mount fits 33-80" and tilts up and down allowing access to behind the TV, as well as applying tilt to TVs mounted higher on walls or fireplaces
Articulating Arm $125.00
HDMI Cables     10-100ft
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This mount fits 33-80" and allows the TV to move out from the wall, and turn left or right. 
These HDMI cables are compatible with 3D, 4k, 1080p, and have ARC, High speed with Ethernet. Price vary based on length
Basic TV Install  $100.00
Mounting a TV to the wall and hiding all A/V Wires is always just $100.00
TV Over Fireplace  $100
After 3rd TV its 50% OFF
Mounting a TV over the fireplace is also $100.00. However if there is not an existing power outlet above the mantel, one will have to be installed for 50.00
Have a business, sports bar, or even a 4th bedroom your contemplating having a TV installed in? If done the same day..its 1/2 off!!
High quality and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.
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